HAWORTHIA Limifolia f. Variegata - 4"

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The rare vareigated form of the Haworthia Limifolia is a phenominal-looking plant, showing off its brightly green/cream variegated leaves. Commonly known as a "fairy washboard", only the fanciest of fairies would sport one of these in its abode!

  • Variegated Haworthia prefer being in an area with lots of bright, indirect light. 
  • Water sparingly when the soil is absolutely dry, and always ensure that excess water is able to drain away completely. Wet feet, and overly-wet soil is a death-sentence for succulents, and our Variegated Haworthia is no exception. 

These plants have the top level of their well-draining potting mix covered in Akadama - the type of substrate used most often by bonsai growers. 

NOTE: If purchased online and intend to have this plant shipped, please note that we would ship the plant bare-root. The potting mix it's in heavily features sand and rock, and with the addition of Akadama on top, it's heavier than one would think. 


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