HOYA Elliptica - 2.5"

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Also known as a Hoya "affinis", the Hoya Eliptica is an interesting vining plant which shows off leaves featuring white veining which feature an almost turtle shell-like pattern. The leaves themselves are rather thin, and when in bloom, Hoya elliptica produces white star-shaped flowers with red centers.

  • Loves bright, indirect light
  • Water thoroughly when the soil is dry, and ensure that any leftover water is able to drain away. 
  • Does not mind being "root-bound", and so prefers a smaller pot than one might expect. It's only when there is more root than soil in the pot that it might want to be repotted, but only go up one pot size at a time. 

NOTE: The plant you receive will not be the exact plant pictured! The number/size of leaves will likely be different as each plant is unique in its own way. If concerned, please ask for a photo of the particular plant you would receive prior to shipping/picking up your order. 

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