HOYA Pachyclada - 3"

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Hoyas are always neat, but the Hoya Pachyclada is especially fun since it features large, sturdy, green leaves, with large, yet still subtle, veining.
  • Bright indirect light will help to keep your Hoya Pachyclada happy, and growing! While it can survive lower light levels, its growth will slow, its greens may dull, and it may become "leggy" (too much stem and not enough leaf).
  • During warmer months, water fully when the top 1/2 of its potting soil is completely dry, and allow any excess water to drain away. During colder months, wait until all of its potting soil is absolutely dry before watering again. If your Pachyclada's leaves are looking slightly wrinkled/puckered, it's due for a drink!
  • For soil, make sure that the plant is in a well-draining potting mix which contains at least 50% of soil additives like cocoa husk, spagnum moss, bits of bark, with the rest being a mix of perlite and your potting mix. An easy way to get around this is to use either a pre-mixed Orchid potting mix, or our Jungle mix.
  • These hoyas love, need, and thrive on high humidity levels (60% and above)! High humidity will help stimulate growth, whereas lower levels will hinder it.

NOTE: Every single plant is unique. The plant you receive will be around this size/condition, however the number of leaves will vary from plant to plant.  Should there be any concern about potential differences, please ask for a photo of the particular plant you would receive.

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