HOYA Sunrise - 2.5"

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NOTE: Currently sold out for online sales. We do still have some available for in-person purchase, however they tend to be smaller/have fewer (if larger) leaves. 

Hoya sunrise is a popular plant thanks to how its leaves develop red flecks and patches, contrasting beautifully with its dark green leaves and bright veins.

This Hoya is a hybrid between the Hoya Obscura and the Hoya lacunosa ssp. Pallidiflora, and was hybridized back in 1992!

  • Hoyas are also known as “Wax Flowers” or “Wax Vines”, in addition to being known as "Porcelain Plants".
  • True to its name, these hoya love the sun! So long as they are kept away from hot afternoon sun, bright light will help the leaves produce their rich-looking purple and red hues. Hoya sunrise can handle lower light levels, however its leaves will eventually lose its red/purple colouration, and new leaves will come in, and remain green. 
  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry, and avoid over-watering. Always ensure that the plant is in well-draining soil, as this Hoya cannot abide by continually soggy soil!

NOTE: Every plant is different, and may present their colours differently from the one pictured. Some will quickly develop more colour when exposed to greater light levels, while others might stubbornly remain more green than anything else. This is normal, and just continue to allow your plant access to light and sun and it should eventually develop more colour. 

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