KALANCHOE Chandelier - 2.5"

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The Chandelier kalanchoe shows off long, narrow, almost serrated-looking green succulent leaves which have touches of reddish brown.

This plant came to us as cuttings, and under the full botanical name of Kalanchoe delagoensis tubiflora.Ā If their tagging is accurate, these plantsĀ can also be found as a "Byrophyllum Delagoensis", or as a "Chandelier Plant". It, like the Mother of Millions/Alligator Plants/Mother of Thousands, grows "pups" along the edges of its leaves, which it drops in order to propagate itself.

  • Kalanchoe are among the types of succulents which prefer bright, indirect light over any other lighting conditions. Keeping the plant in bright indirect light will help it grow, while keeping in lower light levels will cause slower growth, and may make the plant become "leggy" (too much stem and not enough leaf).
  • Water lightly when the soil has dried out 2/3 the way through. Watering from the bottom-up is oftentimes recommended, to help avoid water being left on the leaves. Always allow any excess water to drain away, and avoid allowing the plant to sit in standing water as this could lead to root rot.

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