Lithops (Butt-Plants) - 3"

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Hands-down, the Lithops (also known as a "Living Stone") is my all-time favourite succulent. From their alien-like patterns, to their odd colours, to the frankly WEIRD way they grow, they are absolute attention-getters, no matter where they are placed. 

  • Butt Plants need bright light to grow (at least 4-5 hours' worth every day). They can handle bright direct light, in addition to bright indirect, but just watch out for severe darkening of the plant (sunburn), or extreme heat, as this can damage or even kill the plant. 
  • Water when the soil has completely dried out, and always ensure that excess water is able to drain away. 
  • Lithops are neat, in that they only have one real pair of leaves at any time. Around once a year, they'll grow a new set which will come in from inside the fissure or "buttplant crack". As the new leaves grow up and out, they'll push the old leaves up and away, absorbing the nutrients from the old leaves as they go. Eventually, the old leaves will wither and look almost like an old pair of pants which the plant is getting rid of.
  • Try not to water your Lithops while it's getting in new leaves as this can cause rot. Once the old leaves have dried up, they're good to be watered again (so long as their soil is completely dry!)

NOTE: As tempting as it may be to try and peel/remove the old leaves off of the new leaves, try to avoid temptation and leave those leaves be! The lithops wants to reabsorb as much as it can from the old/dying leaves, and removing them too soon can reduce the nutrients it needs, and could hurt, or even kill the plant. Only when the old leaves are reduced to dried, crinkly, discarded skins can you try to gently (gently!) remove them from the pot. 

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