Mayi Fern - 3.5"

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The Mayi Fern is more commonly found under its common names: Table Fern, Bird's Foot Fern, or Cretan Brake, as well as its botanical name: Pteris Cretica Mayi

The Mayi Fern resembles the Silver Ribbon Fern, however the variegation on the inside of its fronds are a softer, lighter green.

  • Mayi Ferns prefer bright indirect light, but they can also be happy with medium indirect light.
  • Try to keep the top 1" of soil slightly moist (like the level of moisture in a wrung-out sponge).
  • Always allow excess water to drain away so as to avoid root rot.
  • Like many ferns, the Mayi love humidity, and their fronds will become crispy if they don't get enough. Try to mist this plant every so often, or place it in a bathroom, near a humidifier, or on a wet pebble tray to keep it happy.

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