MONSTERA Adansonii - 6"

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Also known as the "Swiss Cheese Plant", "Adanson's monstera" or the "Five Holes Plant" , The Monstera Adansonii's fenestration-filled leaves always catch attention. 

  • Monstera thrive best when provided with large amounts of bright, indirect light¬†
  • Water when 2/3 of the soil seems dry, and do not allow the plant to dry out entirely¬†
  • A great lover of humidity, being close to a humidifier, being misted regularly, or being place on a humidity tray will keep it happy¬† ¬†

PLEASE NOTE: the leaves on this monstera are very delicate, and it is incredibly easy for the thin bits of leaves between the fenestrations to be damaged. While we'll do everything in our power to ship the plants as securely as possible, there is a chance that some leaf damage may occur.

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