MONSTERA Dubia (Moss Pole) - 4"

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Each plant comes in a 4" pot, and a 12" climbing moss pole. Each dubia is well-rooted, and is successfully climbing.

A rare, yet extremely popular Monstera, the Dubia is well known for how it "shingles" (it's known as a "Shingle Plant" for a reason!) as it climbs up moss poles. 

  • Unlike many climbing plants, the Dubia is interesting in that it keeps its leaves flat against the tree/pole/stake as it climbs.
  • Dubia can handle lower light levels than most, but for best results, provide plant with bright to medium light levels Keep the soil slightly moist at all times (think of the moisture levels of a wrung-out sponge).
  • When watering, allow any excess to drain completely away.
  • Enjoys high humidity levels - great for bathrooms, or placed near humidifiers.

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