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NEEM OIL 500ml

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  • The Neem Tree can also be known under the names "Indian Lilac", "Margosa Tree", or by its botanical name Azadirachta indica.
  • Point of interest: Neem Oil is also used in skin care due to its rich abundance of fatty acids and glycerides, and as an insect repellant for pets! 

To create a spray:

  • Mix 1tbsp of Neem Oil
  • 1tsp dish soap or 1tsp silica (potassium silicate) that's been mixed with water
  • Gallon of (warm) water
  • A sprayer
  • A small jar or container (optional)
  1. In a smaller container, begin by mixing the neem oil, soap or silica solution together.
  2. Mix thoroughly (it resemble a thick, yellowish liquid).
  3. Take around 1/4 of the warm water and put it in your sprayer, or that smaller container/jar.
  4. Add the mixed neem liquid.
  5. Close up the sprayer/jar and shake it completely.
  6. Add the remaining water (if mixed initially in the sprayer), or add the mixture to the sprayer along with the remaining water.