NEPENTHES Pitcher Plant - 3.25"

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    • These wonderfully weird carnivorous plants are also known as "monkey cups"
    • Loves bright, indirect light
    • Requires water, and lots of it! The soil should always remain evenly moist, while still well-drained
    • Humidity is a boon to a Pitcher Plant, so keep it close to a humidifier, or on a well-watered humidity tray to help keep it happy
    • If looking to re-pot, choose a porous mix with low fertilizer. If mixing your own, mix in additives like perlite, peatmoss, tree fiber, or spagnum moss.
    • Keep the plant out of standing water, in that even though it requires large amounts of water to live, root rot will easily kill it
    • You shouldn't have to fertilize this plant, as it gets all of its nutrients from the insects which are drawn to, end end up drowning in, the plant's Pitchers. 

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