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A beautiful, rare philodendron which features green, long, narrow, arrow shaped leaves with orange petioles.

  • Plants will have 2-3 leaves and are fully rooted.
  • Philodendrons love bright, indirect light. The more they receive, they better they'll grow.
  • Water moderately when the top inch of the soil is dry, and allow any excess water to drain completely. Be advised that the more light your Philodendron receives, the more water it will require.
  • A great lover of humidity, Philodendrons are considered one of the best bathroom plants around. Keeping the plant close to a humidifier, or on a humidity/wet pebble tray will help to keep them happy. If you find that your plant's leaves are yellowing, it likely means that it needs higher humidity.
  • This particular philodendron has the potential to become an amazing climber, so having a totem/climbing pole around can help it become a bit more vertical
  • Keep away from pets and children!

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