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An interesting rare philodendron, the Bob Cee/See Philodendron is known for how its leaves develop saw-like edges as they mature.

  • Like all philodendrons, the Bob Cee enjoys bright, indirect light. It can cope with lower light levels, however its growth will slow.
  • During Spring and Summer, you should try to keep its soil slightly moist at all times. During the winter, you can allow the top 2-3" of soil to dry out before watering again. Always water deeply, and ensue that any excess water can drain away.
  • Try to keep this plant in a nice, warm environment around 17-24ºC, and keep away from drafts, air conditioners, and heat registers.
  • The Bob Cee enjoys climbing! If you give it a trellis or a climbing pole, it will be able to grow larger, and show off better leaves. 

NOTE: Every plant is different, so the plant you received will not look exactly like the one pictured. 

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