PHILODENDRON Subhastatum - 3.5"

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Philodendron Subhastatum is a nifty rare climbing plant, beloved due to the bright greens of the tops of its leaves, and the deep reds on the leaves' undersides.

  • Thrives best when provided with ample bright, indirect light.
  • Water thoroughly when the top 2-3" of the potting mix is dry, allowing any excess to drain away completely
  • Loves humidity! Anything over 65% will keep the plant happy. You can increase humidity by placing the plant near other plants, close to a humidifier, or on a humidity/wet pebble tray.
  • As a climbing plant, giving it access to a climbing pole or trellis will help ensure that it, and its leaves, grow larger and stronger

    NOTE: Every plant is different, so the plant you received will not look exactly like the one pictured. 

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