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PHYTOSEIULUS Persimilis x 2,000

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NOTE: This listing is for pre-order only! We receive new batches of Persimilis every 2 weeks, so when ordered, you may wait up to 2 weeks to receive your batch. Keeping a rotating stock means that you'll receive fresher predators, which will lead to better eradication of spider mites!
(This also means that should you require a larger number of Persimilisforce, you can order right away, no matter how many we may currently have on-hand.)

Phytoseilus persimilis (Also known as Persimilisforce) are tiny, voracious predatory mites who want to do nothing more than mess up a spider mite's day! At all stages of life, these predatory mites want to eat spider mites: eggs, larvae, and even their adult forms - they'll consume them all.

To release, gently rotate/tumble the container to distribute the mites evenly within, so that you can get an even distribution.
Open the container, and gently tap out onto foliage of the plants you'd like treated for spider mites. Concentrate the bulk of them at release points, on or near the most heavily-infested plants.

The container will come with a nipple cap, which can be used to dose the mites slowly over the area to be treated. Cut the tip to the size you'll need, and please note that a small opening will release slower than a larger one.

If using the entire container at once, leave said container in the treatment area for 24 hours after release to ensure that all mites have exited.

These mites will slow down near-completely if cold, so please allow at least 2 hours for the predators to warm up before they'll begin to walk around.

Do not cold-store the mites for more than 8 hours. Instead, hold at a moderately humid (55-65oF) until ready to release.

Classification Release Information
Low - 0.5 per square feet. Regular releases are recommended as needed.
High - 2 per square feet

Alert: Release rate suggestions are usually not sufficient for cannabis growers. Please contact a beneficial insect specialist to find full rates for cannabis.