Pickle Plant - 1" Plug

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Pickles may not grown on trees, but this little succulent may make folks believe that they grow in pots! 

One of our most popular succulents, the Pickle Plant (botanical name Delosperma echinatum (lam.) Schwantes) shows off its shrubby, green, pickle-like leaves which are covered in soft, white, spiny "hairs". 

  • Thrives best in bright, indirect light
  • Water lightly when soil is dry, allowing excess to drain away.
  • Keep in light, well-draining soil, and avoid allowing the plant to sit in standing water for any length of time, else they plant may suffer from root-rot
  • When flowering, it shows off adorably tiny, almost daisy-like flowers

NOTE: These are small, rooted plugs! They are teeny, tiny and absolutely adorable.  

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