PILEA Cadierei - 3.5"

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  • Its scientific name is Pilea cadeirei, but this striking pilea is also known simply as an "Aluminum Plant" due to the bright, metallic and almost aluminum-looking spots on its leaves. 
  • Loves bright light. The brighter the light, the better the variegation.
  • Try to keep the soil lightly moist at al time (like the level of moisture as in a wrung-out-sponge). When watering, allow any excess water to drain away completely
  • This is a plant which loves humidity! Keep it on a moisture/wet pebble tray, or near a humidifier to keep it happiest. Daily misting with room-temperature water can also help to keep the plant as happy as it can be
  • Try to use well-draining potting mix like those created for African Violets

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