Rhoeo - 4"

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  • Its scientific name is Tradescantia/Rhoeo spathacea, and can also be found under the name of "Oyster plant" or "Moses-in-the-Cradle"

  • Loves bright indirect light, and can even handle a few hours of direct sunlight a day. The brighter the light levels, the brighter the pinks and purples on the leaves' undersides.

  • Allow this little plant to dry out nearly completely before watering thoroughly, and allow any excess water to drain away completely

  • Pretty tolerant of most levels of humidity found in a house, however it can never go wrong with a bit more humidity, or with a regular misting. If you find that your Rhoeo's tips are getting brown, this can be a sign that it needs higher humidity than what it has access to.

  • Try to keep away from drafts/heaters - these plants prefer to have a stable temperature

  • When happy, these plants produce "pups" which grow up and around the base of the pot. They can be separated out and potted up on their own!

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