SANSEVIERIA Tri Hahnii 'Gold' - 3.5"

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Also known as a "Birds Nest" Sansevieria, the Tri Hahnii is known for how its stiff, sturdy leaves grow in a shorter rosette form. The "Gold" variety shows off a deep, dark green interior to its leaves, with a nice bright yellow/white on its rim. 

  • These popular plants are known by many names including: Bulletproof Plant, Mother-in-Law's Tongue, and as a Good Luck Plant.
  • Sanseveria are incredibly hardy! They are incredibly understanding when it comes to light, water, soil, and humidity.
  • Thrives best in filtered bright indirect light, but is very tolerant of partial shade. Please note that variegation loss may occur if the plant stays in too dark a place for too long.
  • Allow soil to dry out completely before watering deeply, and making sue that any excess water drains away from the plant. This is one plant which cannot handle over-watering.
  • Snake plants actually enjoy being "root bound", where it seems as though there is too many roots in too little soil.

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