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SANSEVIERIA Whale Fin - 6"

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  • Whale Fin Sansevieria are known and loved for its distinctive fin-like leaves which rise out of its pot like a salute.
  • Its proper name is Sansevieria Masoniana, and can also be found under the name of Mason's Congo Sansevieria.
  • While Snake Plants are absolutely tolerant when it comes to light levels, to keep the wonderful variegation on these leaves, bright, indirect light is a must.
  • Allow the soil to dry out completely before soaking or watering thoroughly, and allowing any excess water to completely drain away.
  • These plants can't stand claggy, too-wet soil, and instead thrive best when potted in a well-draining potting mix. A cactus-based potting mix supplemented with additional pumice/perlite will help ensure that the soil drains itself of excess water as quickly as it needs to.
  • If fertilizing during its growing season, it's recommended to use one that's geared towards cacti.
  • When dusty, wipe down the leaves with a wet/lightly soapy cloth.

NOTE: The shipment of Whale Fins we received seem to have been hit by cold before they arrived, so they're no longer going to be listed online. 

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