SARRACENIA Trumpet Pitcher - 3"

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Much like "regular" Pitcher Plants, Sarracenia trumpet pitchers are set up to draw in insects, and drown them n the fluid held in their long, tube-like stems. These Sarracenia are almost alien-like, with their long pitcher tubes which are run through by dark red/burgundy veining.

  • Trumpet pitcher plants love bright (even direct) light! The more light it receives during April to October, the happier it will be, and the better it will grow.
  • Pitcher plants live in swamps and marshes, and so their potting mix must be moist at all times.
  • This, combined with their love of bright light, means that they should be watered regularly enough so that the bottom third of soil is always wet. The only time you can get away with allowing the potting mix to dry out slightly is during the winter.
  • Try to use water which is more acidic, rather than being alkaline or even neutral, since this is what the plant would receive in nature.
  • Trumpet pitchers love humidity! Perfect for terrariums (so long as said terrariums have the light it needs), and well-lit bathrooms. Using a humidifier, misting regularly, or placing the plant on a "humidity tray" will help to keep it happy, and prevent it from getting too crispy.
  • Do not use fertilizer, or feed this plant meat! Dropping small insects in the trumpet "tubes" is fine if there aren't enough insects in its area for it to eat on its own, but placing it outside for a few days in the summer should help it get enough bugs to live off of.

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