SCINDAPSUS Treubii Moonlight - 3" (1 Leaf)

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The Scindapsus Moonlight is known for how its mature leaves will be primarily silver, with a smattering of green throughout.
  • Moonlight Scindapsus love bright indirect light the best. They can survive in lower light levels, however its growth will be stunted, and its variegation could fade with time
  • Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering it deeply, and allowing all excess water to drain away.
  • Scindapsus can be sensitive to the chemicals or mineral deposits in regular tap water, so you may want to consider watering with distilled, or aquarium water (water that has been left standing for a day or two can also work)
  • Try to give this little plant something to climb! Being able to climb actually benefits the plant's growth, since without access to climbing, the leaves will not grow and the plant itself will revert back to an almost "baby plant" sort of growth.
NOTE: The pictured plant is only a representative of the plants we have in stock. Every plant is different, and may present their colours/variegation differently from the one pictured. If concerned, please ask for a photo of the particular plant you would receive prior to shipping/picking up your order.

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