SENECIO Stapeliiformis - 2.5"

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Senecio Stapeliiformis is a unique-looking succulent which shows off thick, straight, finger-like stems, soft spines, and darker-green patterns.

This is one succulent which can go by many names including: "Candle Plant", "Candlestick Plant", "Pickle Cactus", or "Inchworm Plant".
  • Senecio succulents all require bright, indirect light (and lots of it!) to grow properly. If they don't get enough light, they can end up becoming "leggy" (too much stem, and too few leaves). 
  • Water when the soil is absolutely dry, allowing any excess water to drain away. It's recommended to do the "bottoms-up" method of watering, so that water doesn't end up getting stuck amongst its leaves, potentially causing rot and damage.

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