TRADESCANTIA Lilac /Callisia Bianca - 3"

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These adorable wee pink beauties us unlabelled. To the best of our knowledge, this tiny, dainty little beauty is either a Tradescantia Fluminensis lavender, or a Callisia Repens Bianca. Whatever it is, it looks just like a dollhouse-miniature version of our favourite tradescantia: the Nanouk.
  • As with All Tradescantia (and all Callisia), this little one would do its best when provided with lots of bright, indirect light. The better the light, the faster it will grow, and the better its colouration/variegation. It can handle lower light levels, however its growth will slow, its colour smay dull, and it may become "leggy" (too much stem and not enough leaf).
  • Water when the top 2" of soil is dry to the touch, and always ensure that excess water is able to drain away completely.
Note: Every single plant is unique. The plant photographed here is indicative of the average size for this particular plant. When ordered, you will likely not receive this exact plant, and will instead receive something which is similar in size.

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