TRADESCANTIA Dwarf Bolivian - 3.5"

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  • Beloved as a perennial ground cover in many warmer parts of the world, the Dwarf Bolivian Tradescantia has found popularity as a hanging plant thanks to its ability to trail, and its 
  • They may also be found under the name of "Chain Plant", "Turtle Vine", "Tiny Buttons", "Itsy Bitsy Inch Plant", and by its botanical name Tradescantia Minima Callisia Repens.
  • Keep in bright, indirect light in order to keep the plant happy, and growing.
  • During spring/summer months, water regularly and do not allow the soil to dry out entirely - keep the soil moist, but not wet. During cooler months, allow it to dry out slightly before watering again.
  • If the plant is getting "leggy" (too many stems, and not enough leaves), it's time to prune: trim/pinch back at the leaf nodes to encourage new growth

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