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Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Bugs!

Do you have grubs in your lawn?  

You can usually tell if your lawn has bare spots with small dig holes.  This is usually a skunk digging in your lawn to eat the grubs!  The grubs themselves might not seem like a major headache to you right now, but you will notice over time that the animals who are digging them up can do some major damage to your lawn! 

Well, have no fear! There’s a natural, beneficial, safe and organic way to take care of the grubs!  This isn’t an insecticide - in fact, it’s another insect.  A microscopic one!  This beneficial insect is naturally parasitic to larger insects, particularly ones that live in the soil and are still in their larval or pupal state. So, what is it you ask?  Nematodes!

These beneficial nematodes can be used in your lawn, garden, pasture, orchard, vineyard, greenhouse and more!  They are a microscopic, colourless roundworm that takes up residence inside those pesky grubs in your lawn.  They are invasive to these larvae, but are not harmful to pets or their humans!  Known for use in the garden for grubs, they can also be helpful for caterpillars, cutworms, crown borers, corn rootworms, crane flies, thrips, fungus gnats & even beetles.  And, as a bonus, they have no effect on your precious garden helpers - earthworms! 

Pro’s of using nematodes

  1. They kill their host quickly, within 48 hours
  2. They are grown on artificial media (a sponge), which makes them very affordable
  3. You do not need to use them right away, just keep the chilled in the fridge for up to 3 months until you’re ready to use them!
  4. You don’t have to worry about applying them in or before a heavy rainfall - they actually quite like the rain and wet earth! It will not wash them away!
  5. You will not kill them if you are applying any other fertilzer, pesticide or herbicide!
  6. They do not develop in any vertibrates, meaning they will not infiltrate local wildlife or your favourte pets or people!

How to apply:

  • Early spring is the perfect time to apply, when the soil is wet and still moist for all the spring rain.
  • The nematodes come on a little sponge. You’re going to soak that sponge in a bucket of water to make a concentrated solution to apply on your lawn
  • With that solution, you’re going to fill a hose sprayer and turn on the hose.  Using the  highest setting on your sprayer, you’ll spray until the container is empty. Refill the container with your solution and continue spraying until your lawn is saturated or your nematodes are all used up!  Lots of water!


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