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Summer Bulbs 2021

Image of a Kelvin Floodlight Bulb from Rice Road Greenhouses

It's getting to the point in the season where we're running low on our Summer Bulbs. Rather than have them individually listed as products, we've decided instead to have them all together on a page. Should you be interested in having bulbs from this list either shipped, delivered, or be available for curbside pickup, please email us at and we'll check our available stock and get them ready for you. 

STARLIGHT Oriental Lily (3)

TRILLIUM Grandiflorum Wood Lily (2) $8.99
 ROTHSCHILDIANA Gloriossa Climbing Lily (1) $7.99
NEAPOLITANUM Hardy Garden Cyclamen (2) $7.99
PINK SAPPHIRE Double Poliathes (1) $7.99
APRICOT FUDGE Double Polianthes (2)  $7.99
MIX PEONY (10) $10.99
PAULINE Novelty Ranunculus (5) $10.99
RUBY STELLA Hemerocallis Reblooming Daylily (1) $9.99
KAVERI Oriental x Asiatic Lily (1) $7.99
SECRET KISS Novelty Asiatic Lily (3) $9.99
CAMPFIRE DANCE Crocosmia (20) $9.99
SYLPHIDE Anemone de Caen (10) $7.99
BLUEBERRY Anemone Rainbow (5) $9.99
FUNNY FICTION Novelty Gladiolus (8) $9.99
FAR WEST Large Flowering Gladiolus (8) $10.99
RAINBOW MIX Large Flowering Gladiolus (15) $19.99
EN POINTE Large Flowering Gladiolus (15) $14.99
ANTIQUE COPPER Ball Dahlia (3) $14.99
LOLLYPOPS Ball Dahlia (3) $14.99
THOMAS EDISON Decorative Dahlia (1) $7.99
KELVIN FLOODLIGHT Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia (1) $7.99
REBECCA'S WORLD Decorative Dahlia (1) $7.99
SILVER YEARS Decorative Dahlia (1) $7.99
 LIQUID DESIRE Mignon Dahlia (1) $7.99


Note: This list was created on March 25th 2021. Due to demand and low stock, we cannot guarantee that the bulbs in question will be available (but we will absolutely look for them for you!)