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Our Story

Rice Road is the largest garden centre in the Niagara Region. It is family owned and operated by the Moes family (Jerry, JR, Rob and Steve) who have been in the garden business for 56 years.

Rice Road really shines with its unmatched selection of plants and years of expertise to assist with your gardening needs.

Back in 1965 Gerrit Moes (who always had farming in his blood since he was a young boy in Holland) was yearning to get back into the growing business. A lot of people thought he was a little crazy when he bought property in Port Weller east. But he proved them wrong when Port Weller became the place to be once Broadway Gardens was up in running! It seems like yesterday when Mom and Dad grew those pansies in cold frames.


Gerrit and his wife Margaretha Moes had 4 children. With having these 4 farm kids they had a great team making this greenhouse now a family owned business.

43 years went by when Jerry and Rob decided to expand the business by buying Rice Road Greenhouses in 2005. The family goes: Son Jerry, his Wife Carol Moes, and their 4 Children (Jerry, Tim, Marley, and Mike), Son Rob, his Wife Evelyn Moes, and their 3 children (Steve, Josh, and Matt). 

Jerry explains that, Peter Van Capelle, the previous owner of Rice Road Greenhouses asked the Moes family if they would be interested in purchasing the business. The expansion was thought through slowly when the Moes' felt purchasing the business was a good and manageable venture for the next generation.

Over the years of owning Rice Road, many changes have been made. Weeding out the parking lot, adding a pond department, and expanding the bulk yard. Now, in more recent years, we have added a floral shop/giftware, our online store, as well as our newest launch of Mortise & Tenon Coffee, now making Rice Road a One-Stop Shop. But, one thing Jerry has kept alive through the years, like his father, is his love for connecting with his customers. One way he has shown this is through his unedited, natural videos on social media (you know which ones we are talking about).

The family all brings their own expertise to the Garden Centre. If in need for pond care, Jerry is the guy to see. If in need of tropical/houseplants, Jr will share his knowledge and love for the tropics. For your nursery/perennial inquiries,  Steve and Rob are at your side to talk you through landscape. For all your bulk yard needs, Steve knows it all.

Come to Rice Road Greenhouses to meet the Gang and speak with your expert today!