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Gerri and Kyle: Our Shop Cats

What greenhouse could be complete without the a couple of hard-working cats? At Rice Road Greenhouses, we have resident orange cats which go by the names of Gerri and Kyle: 


GerriGerri the Cat, one of the resident mouser cats at Rice Road Greenhouses

With her white chest and paws, Gerri is most often seen sleeping in her bed at the corner of our Service Desk counter. She's incredibly friendly and loves pets (and treats!). She may not always come when called, but she never shies away from attention. 



Our fully-orange tabby tomcat Kyle, who is a resident mouser at Rice Road Greenhouses

Our fully orange tabby-cat Kyle came to us fully feral, but after a lot of time, patience, and treats, he's mostly come around! He is much more skittish than Gerri, but if you approach him quietly, crouch and offer him a "fist bump", he'll more than likely come around for pets. 

CAREFUL: Kyle is sensitive around his back-end, so it's safest to pet him on his head/shoulders. He gets over-stimulated easily, and will rear back and try to give a "kitty punch" if he's had enough. 

Both cats keep well away from any dogs which might come in, and are always on-call to take care of any rodents or birds which might try to make a mess of our greenhouse!