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Shipping FAQ

Are you shipping orders out?  

Updated: May 2021

Only Gift Cards are being shipped out at the moment. It's been incredibly busy this year, and it's gotten to the point where we cannot spare the manpower, hours or staff to pick, pack and ship orders. As soon as things calm down a bit, we will get back to shipping (please keep an eye open for updates in our Blog, Facebook and Instagram), but for the time being we just aren't able to. 


Normally, we would ship on Monday and Tuesday, and orders must be in by the previous Friday in order to qualify to ship the following Monday/Tuesday. 

Should there be a holiday, inclement weather, or unforeseen issues on Monday, we will try to ship everything out on Tuesday. 

Why do you only ship on Monday/Tuesday?   

Unlike places which specialize in non-living products, we can't ship every day of the week. 

Plants are usually pretty fragile, and we want them to be in boxes for as little time as possible. Despite our best efforts with packaging, there's always a chance that it will be too hot/too cold/too dry for them, and the closer to the end of the week one ships, the greater the chance that the package will end up sitting in a warehouse over the weekend. 

Courier companies have rescinded any of their delivery guarantees, there's no way to make sure that a box will arrive in X amount of days - so by shipping only on Mondays and Tuesdays, we give the package as much time as possible to reach its destination while lowering the risk of a weekend stay in a warehouse. 

Orders for outside Ontario are normally shipped out first, followed by shipments in Ontario. 

When are you going to resume shipping to the rest of Canada?

Note: Information out of date - These prices may have to change once we are able to resume shipping after May is over. 

Older/out of date info: 

Now that things are warming up, we're opening up shipping to other provinces. Here are our current flat-rate shipping rates: 

Ontario - $30
Manitoba, Quebec - $35
Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia - $40
BC, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI - $45

These flat rates are for orders under 25kg, so larger/heavier orders will not be able to ship at the same rates. Please contact us if you need to place an extra large order so we can figure out how much it would be to ship.  

Why don't you offer free shipping?

We charge for shipping because we want to keep the prices of our products as low as possible.

We've only been shipping for just under 1 year, and we haven't had the volume necessary to negotiate for lower shipping rates. Our overhead isn't near large enough to absorb the cost associated with shipping and the packaging involved.

In order to offer free shipping, we'd have to increase the prices on all of our plants and products, something we'd rather avoid. We'd rather keep our plant prices low to match our in-store prices.

Can I buy my own shipping label?

Information not current: May change once shipping resumes

Will we still be shipping within Canada? If so, then ABSOLUTELY! We have no problem with people buying shipping labels themselves, and emailing them to us so that we can print them out and tape them to your packages. This is great news for folks who are lucky enough to get cheaper shipping rates than what we're quoted. 

For us to use your shipping label, we'd pack up your order on Monday (or Tuesday, if necessary) and then send you the package dimensions and weight over email.

Then, through your own courier accounts, you'd plug in the dimensions/weight for the package, enter your own shipping address, and then set the delivery to be for "pick up" at our retail address for any time after noon. You'd then download your shipping label, then email it to us at  The courier you choose would then swing by our greenhouse the way they do for our other packages, pick it up, scan it, and then off it goes!

Our pickup address is the same as our retail address: 

  • Rice Road Greenhouses and Garden Centre
  • 1361 Rice Road
  • Welland, Ontario
  • L3B5N5

Please note that by buying a shipping label yourself, should anything happen with your package (the address was incorrect, it wasn't delivered on time, package was damaged, a claim needs to be submitted...etc), you would need to work with the courier you bought the label from. By not buying the label ourselves, we lose the ability to contact couriers if there are issues down the line with that particular shipment. 

How does Pickup work?

Once an order comes through for pickup, we try to grab the items and get them ready as soon as possible, but please give us until noon the following day (Sundays excluded) just in case. Once an order has been picked and is ready to go, we'll send you a notification, either via email, or text.

You don't have to pick up your order immediately after it's ready, and can pick it up at any time during business hours.

When you're here for your pickup, you can come inside and grab your package, or you can call 1-905-651-2872 (our work cell phone) and give us your order number and name, and we'll bring it out to you. 

For Bulk items, drive up to our Bulk Area and let the guys know what you’re there for. If possible, give them your name and order number, and they’ll confirm the order and help you get your product.

What if I can’t pick up my order right away?

Call us or email us and let us know! Some plants, like rare hoyas and monstera, enjoy being in warm, humid environments, so whenever possible we want to keep those plants in their heated/humidity-controlled tent as long as possible. When we know that they’re not going to be picked up right away, we can put the plants back temporarily so they can enjoy those conditions for a bit longer.

How will my order be delivered/Who will be delivering?

If you live locally (within 30km or so), then we here at Rice Road will be the one delivering your order. A staff member (or perhaps Steve, one of the owners), will run your order out to you. We tend to drive our own personal vehicles when delivering, so if you don't see a branded truck/car, please don't worry! We also try to call or text before we try to deliver, just to make sure that someone is home (this is most important during months with extreme temperatures - we don't want a box full of plants to sit out if it's too hot or cold). 

If you've already contacted PlantRunz, or are within their Delivery Range, then a representative from PlantRunz will first visit our greenhouse to pick up your order, and then will deliver the order to you on a different day. 

How does PlantRunz work?

Purchase your desired plants online through the garden centre or plant nursery’s website (us!). In the Order Notes section during checkout, write "Plantrunz". Then, once the order has been placed, contact PlantRunz afterwards to let them know you’ve made an order, and they'll let you know the cost involved in a delivery, and help get the delivery paid for in advance. 

The cost for delivery will depend on: Distance from pick-up point and delivery address, the number of items bought, pot sizes, and additional pick-up points (i.e. if you were to purchase from a number of different greenhouses on their route before they deliver your order(s)). 

Contact PlantRunz

Follow or Message them on Facebook & Instagram @plantrunz

Email -