We are Dog-Friendly!

We're often asked whether Rice Road Greenhouses is dog-friendly, and I can say with an enthusiastic "Yes", that we are absolutely dog-friendly!

That being said, please note that we do have Gerri and Kyle (our shop-cats), and while they try to stay away from dogs as much as possible, should your dog be aggressive towards cats, please ensure that they're on a tight leash. 

In addition, there is Penny - a young Newfoundlander puppy, who will be turning 4 months old on April 1st. While she isn't supposed to have free reign, she sometimes manages to break free and will wander around the greenhouse and store. She is incredibly friendly towards people and dogs, but as a puppy, she doesn't have the best manners yet (it's something we're working on!). With a probable Penny wandering about, in addition to other customers' dogs, please keep any dog-aggressive dogs at home. 

(That, and if you come to visit with small children, and if those small children have snacks, Penny has been known to steal snacks to eat for herself (another thing we're working on). 

Penny, the Newfoundlander Puppy, assures you that we are indeed dog-friendly!