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Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets 2021

 Seed potatoes and onion sets are now available!

 it's almost time to plant onions and potatoes, and Rice Road Greenhouses has you covered! We just received our shipment of seed potatoes and onion sets, and we're set to help you grow your own!

We're keeping our Potatoes/Onion sets offline for the most part, so they'll be available for in-store shoppers. 

That being said, should you wish to order for curbside pickup or for shipping, please email us at with the varieties you'd like, and we'll check our stock and get them ready for you to purchase. 

Here's the potatoes/onions (and a bit of garlic!) that we've gotten in so far:

GARLIC # Price
Russian Red  3 $8.99
Regular White 3 $6.99


ONIONS # Price
Karmen 80 $4.99
Yellow 80 $4.99
White  80 $4.99
Sturon  80 $4.99
Savory Mix 80 $4.99
Lorient Multipliers  15 $4.99
French Gourmet Shallots 10 $4.99


POTATOES Weight Price
Norland 2kg $9.99
Kennebec 2kg $9.99
Bintje 2kg $9.99
 Red Pontiac 2kg $9.99
Russet Burbank  2kg $9.99
 Yukon Gold 2kg $9.99


Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank, Yukon 1.5kg $10.99
Chieftain, Warba, Yukon 1.5kg $10.99
Bintje, Norland, Warba 1.5kg $10.99
Chietain, Russet, Sieglinde 1.5kg $11.99


Banana 500g $10.99
Bellanita Fingerling 500g $10.99
Cecile RedSkin 500g $10.99
Prince of Orange 500g $10.99