Super Black Compost - available from Rice Road Greenhouses in Ontario, Canada

Super Black Compost

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Super Black Compost is great to add to gardens as it helps with moisture retention and adds nutrients. Good for all plantings when mixed into garden soil. Contains: Leaf and yard compost. May contain small sticks.

Please note that unbagged content will be loose!

When picked up at the Bulk Yard, it's scooped up and dumped/deposited into one's vehicle. It's highly suggested to bring a tarp! When we deliver, it's dumped/deposited close to one's driveway, or when possible, where directed in one's Order Notes. Please note that we cannot dump on town property/city roads. All deliveries must be made on one's own property.

Note: Cost to bring in Super Black compost has increased, and so as of 05/10, we have had to increase is price accordingly.